So every so often real life gets in the way. Life comes at you hard and sometimes it just knocks you out of everything else for a bit. I stopped making videos for ages. I let my web hosting lapse but at least I kept the domain. Now the time has come for a new website to rise from the ashes of the old one like a glorious phoenix rising from my draconic flame.

Its nothing special certainly but it is just starting out. I will slowly be adding in all my old finished playlists and eventually should be caught up to all my recent videos as well. The theme I’m using will need some serious editing to get it sorted out just right but that’s par for the course when you’re working on either a whole new website or even just a simple redesign.

The great thing about the way this is set up is that you can watch all the youtube playlists right here if you like and can even set yourself a watch later queue. Probably not that great an option for people that prefer to just head to the tubes but its an option nonetheless. Hopefully a few people will like it enough to stick around.

Anyway guys thanks for checking out this little slice of the net I have staked out as my own. Look forward to more content from me and hopefully I can keep real life at bay for a little while at least.

If of course you prefer the auld youtubes to the whole personal website thing well you can always go directly to my channel and subscribe. There’s a nice little bell you can click on too if you like since subscriptions these days mean very little. Half the time you’re not even shown the updates from channels you’re subscribed to.

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