So I realise that we all need to start somewhere. I know that and I’m generally okay with that as a concept. Looking back on where you started out is pretty damn hard though. Doesn’t really help when you’re currently messing with settings to fix modern mistakes that should have been fixed a long time ago but I digress.

I’ve been going through my back catalogue of series and putting them on here for everyone to enjoy and I find myself cringing so hard at EVERY SINGLE VIDEO!! My setup in the olden times was woeful to say the least. I cant even remember what laptop I recorded my first videos on. Not sure but I think it was a Toshiba machine of some kind. I recorded those videos with the awesome power of Intel’s HD graphics and spoke so crisp and clean using my earpiece mic. Oh the sad and desperate old days…

It did improve over time and slowly and steadily I did manage to upgrade things behind the scenes one or two pieces at a time. Some changes were small and some were huge. The most recent change was upgrading from a Logitech c270 to a c920 (early birthday present). Hopefully the future holds more such upgrades and eventually I can make something that doesnt fill me with a deep feeling of self loathing at the poor quality of what I produced.

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